A recruitment, employment or staffing agency assists businesses in meeting their human resources requirements while also serving the needs of job-seekers. A business may require the services of a recruitment agency in addition to its internal human resource function, particularly when sourcing for external candidates, or completely outsource its recruitment to the agency. Job-seekers may deposit their application documents with the agency for consideration for upcoming opportunities. Recruitment agencies aim to distinguish themselves in the provision of these services.

* Highly qualified and experienced candidates.
* Right people to match corporate goals.
* Spread awareness of Amoco.
* Find the best recruiting channels in Finland.
* Providing Quality Human resources to abroad Organization  exploring potential market
* Creating Mass and full Employment Opportunities to the public of Nepal
* Decrease the percentage of unemployment situation of the country.
* Providing the quality service to the Client.
* Managing and developing the maximum of employment opportunities to the opportunity seekers
* To find better job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled, trained, professional and unskilled Nepalese manpower.
* To enhance manpower industry for better opportunity for Nepalese workers.
* Negotiate for better positions for Nepalese workers in the country importing Nepalese workforce. 
* To establish Nepalese workers as the most competent and honest workforce.